Amityville Horror

The house at 112 Ocean Ave. situated in Amityville, New York; is probably the most haunted houses all over the globe. Renowned to innumerable horror fanatics as the iconic setting for “The Amityville horror.” Spawning several books, nine movie installments, and has garnered millions of followers. Perhaps, one of the main reasons why paranormal enthusiasts (even ordinary people) flocked to the Amityville horror craze was because it was adapted from a true story.

The Defeo Family 

The sophisticated Victorian house resting locates at Ocean View, New York was a perfect home for them. A two-story building with finished basement, boat house, attic, and a pool. The place itself was certainly large for the family and they still have a huge amount of space unoccupied. In their front yard, a wooden sign saying, “high hopes” was hung to present how exactly they felt in this new found abode. In fact, a lot of people who knew the Defeo family thought that they led a happy, wonderful life. Though, it’s far from that. This family couldn’t get along with each other.

Ronald Defeo Jr. (referred to as “Butch”), had issues with his father. It’s believed the father was very old-fashioned and doesn’t allow his son’s unacceptable behavior. Butch used to tolerate his punishments, but as he grows older and bigger, he often fought back. There are several instances where they would yell at each other and even got physical.

The Twilight of the Murder

November 13, 1974, at around 3 in the morning, Butch Defeo mercilessly murdered his family. Butch was in his room, using illegal drugs when he thought of murdering his father, mother, and 4 siblings. Pulling out his rifle from the closet, he went his parents’ room. Louise and Robert were both sound asleep, unaware of the impending danger. Butch shot his riffle hitting Robert’s spine and another shot tearing into his kidney– it was an instant death. On the other hand, Louise managed to wake up upon hearing the shot. However, before she can even show her reaction, her son immediately took her life.

His younger siblings were next. Based on their placements, it appeared like they had slept all through the night without even hearing the gun shots in their parents’ room. Butch stood blankly between the children’s bed and without a thought, killed both of his brothers. His sisters were also killed in the same manner.

As for the neighbors, astonishingly enough, they never heard any screams or gun shots during the initial Amityville horror. The only sound they heard was the family’s dog anomalous barking.

  • Sometime after the killings the Lutz family decided to move into the home despite the killings which had occurred at the home. They claimed to be skeptics of the paranormal and believed there wasn’t anything supernatural occurring in the home until apparently the second half of the Amityville horror soon began.

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