Ghost Stories

What are ghosts? For most people, they believe that ghosts are the disembodied spirits of humans and animals that once wandered the face of this Earth. Some believe that ghosts are orbs of energy that were trapped in the environment. Others presume that ghosts are demons. While some don’t even believe in their existence. Maybe one day, scientists would have the ability to explain what ghosts are; but for now, we can only depend on ghost stories, experiences, and experiments made.

Famous Ghosts

Blood Mary

Perhaps one of the well-known ghost stories, is the legend of Blood Mary (“I Believe in Mary Worth,” “Hell Mary,” and “I Believe in Mary Whales”). First emerged during the early 60s, but the exact origin is difficult to locate. The said myth is about chanting her name thrice in a row while looking in the mirror with lights off. A way to call her presence and uncover the future. However, there’s also a chance that the person would see a skull instead, indicating he/she is doomed.

Amityville Ghosts

In 1975, a family had a tragic death in small neighborhood located New York. Years after, a family decided to move into the abandoned house. Within a month, they’ve experienced unnatural phenomena such as being terrorized by eerie noises, green slime appearing on the walls, and other unexplained ghost sightings inside the house. Movie adaptations of this true story were made.

Al Capone

Al Capone, the famous leader of the mafia. In Alcatraz Penitentiary in San Francisco, local officials had mentioned to hear his ghost playing the Banjo. Even recently, it has been documented that sad melodies can be heard every night.

The Forgotten Pharaoh

3,000 years ago, this Egyptian ruler named Akhenaten was against any forms of religion worship. In fact, he even abolished some of the ancient religions. A lot ancient priests lost their roles during his reign. So when Akhenaten passed away, they cursed his spirit. He was cursed roam around the vast desert forever, and his spirit will never be at peace.

The Brown Lady

In “Raynham Hall,” located in England, a ghost has been photographed. She’s a very beautiful lady named Dorothy Townshend who was locked inside the mansion by her cruel husband until the day she died. In 1936, more than 2 centuries after her miserable death, her spirit continues to wander around the mansion. A woman was able to take a photo of her walking up the stairs.

Haunted Places Around The Globe

Aokigahara, Japan

At the base of Mt. Fuji, you’ll find Aokigahara. Japan’s globally disreputable suicide forest. Local dwellers believe that the forest is haunted by the restless souls of those people who had horrible deaths. According to one legend, during the time of famine in Ancient Japan, a lot of families couldn’t afford to feed themselves. So, some of the family members were abandoned to Aokigahara. Those who weren’t lucky enough to find their way out died of starvation– the ghosts that haunt the woods today.

Manila Film Center, Philippines

This is not your usual creepy forest, haunted castle, or old ruins; but the story is depressing and chilling. This abandoned building is reportedly haunted by the wandering spirits of the wage earners who perished during the tragic construction accident that took place around 3:00 am on Nov. 17, 1981. About 169 workers were buried alive in quick-drying cement during this ill-fated day.

Axe Murder House: Villisca, Iowa

On June 10, 1912, the old house in Villisca had been the scene of a very heinous crime. A family who stayed as overnight guests in this house have been brutally murdered by an unidentified maniac. Throughout the years, occupants of the place said they had seen some apparitions of a man carrying an ax, children crying for mercy, and several unexplained paranormal phenomena.

The Sultan’s Palace: New Orleans, Louisiana

In 1800s, this place had been the house of terror for the Sultan. He’s an affluent man with a messed-up lifestyle, multiple women, and a harem of young children (girls and boys) who were held against their will. Neighbors have witnessed the sickening lifestyle of this man. However, the paramount mystery of this haunted house was the Sultan’s downfall. Being buried alive in his courtyard after his family and harem where slaughtered mercilessly by an unknown predator. Today, his angry spirit is thought to disturb the place, as he continues to carry out his old tricks to female visitors.

Exorcist House: St. Louis, Missouri

In the year 1949, a boy from Washington, D.C. was plagued by a strange ailment, and the Catholic Church decided to perform exorcism. Believing that the boy’s body is being possessed by a demon. The boy and his family stayed in St. Louis house after the word “Louis” mysteriously appeared above his ribs. This is also where the exorcism took place. The novel, “The Exorcist” by William Peter Blatty was adapted from this true to life story.

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